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            Welcome to my website. My name is Steve. Since 1987 I have been designing and manufacturing spearguns and comonents of the highest quality available. I specialize in the larger guns for the Blue Water Hunter. All guns and components are handmade and assembled in my well-equipped machine and welding facility. I manufacture four gun sizes; Two enclosed track and two semi-enclosed track models with effective ranges from 15 to 30 feet. My objective has been to provide Blue Water Hunters with the best spearguns and components available. The design, materials and production methods used are not comprosied for cost savings. In fact, I am so confident in the durability and reliability of the trigger mechanism and handle that I guarantee them for life against any failure experienced during normal use. For those who enjoy the personal satisfaction of hunting with a creation of their own; I will gladly supply the home builder with the same quality components found in my finished guns, including a detailed drawing set with basic dimensions and construction tips.                                                                 As of 2014 I have discontinued building complete guns, but I will continue to make the basic components, like the trigger mechanism and handle for home builders and small manufacturers. I have a few guns left in inventory, but when these are sold there will be no more built.